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Sweetbriar’s Ecco D’Oro, (A.K.A. “Ecco”), has taken social media by storm. He and his trusty “ghost writer”, Amy Hines are an inseparable comedic team who warrant at least one good belly laugh a day through the documentation of this naughty dog’s daily antics. Amy translates what she believes to be an accurate account of Ecco’s thoughts onto Facebook daily posts while tackling some serious animal issues. Ecco’s “pack” has whelped into a powerful philanthropic vessel that has literally helped thousands in need through donations and networking. With the evolution of Ecco’s show career as well as his philanthropic efforts, the duo (along with their trusty photographer, Charnell Havens) have traveled to many wonderful places. Buckle your seatbelts and enjoy the ride while you watch these two share their journey as it unfolds. This is one sporting dog that puts his outstanding tracking skills to work as he flushes out the best hot spots on the east coast!

  • b4

    “The WOLF”…Black-Bearded Pirate Dog Lives to Tell the Tale

    By: Ecco D’Oro It is not often that a pirate ship invades the sleepy little ham capital of the US, so when the chantey hit the town of Smithfield, Virginia, a full investigation was in order. I “beaded up” in brilliant jewels while temporarily dying my beard black to “blend in” with the crew. Looking […]

  • Hampton Baptist Church

    The Soup Kitchen – A Dash of Spice and a Sprinkle of Love

    Note: I don’t actually tear up over many of our stories but this one made me a little misty eyed in a heart-warming way. Editor   Nestled in between two parking lots on a small city block, you’ll find an awning that reads “Hampton Baptist Church”. This is no ordinary church as it transforms every […]

  • 13a

    Big City Dreams Become Reality

    A Show Dog’s “Tell All” Sunday, 5:24 AM No alarm was needed! Anticipation of our upcoming journey served as a clock resonating through my brain. Today was the day. My bags were packed and we were ready to go. Show lead: check. Tuxedo & top hat: check. Dog food: check. The list went on forever […]

  • Ecco sleepy time

    Relax. There’s No “Knead” to Stress…

    I once heard an interesting fact. One of the biggest differentiating factors between an amateur and a professional is the ability to perform in a relaxed state. My human takes this very seriously, so when we were offered the chance to try the latest in innovative spa treatments, I barked at the opportunity. Our quest […]

  • Ecco with rib eye

    “Connoisseur of Fine Slime” meets “Connoisseur of Fine Wine”

    It is said when you pair a “Connoisseur of Fine Slime” with a “Connoisseur of Fine Wine”  the result will yield a blushingly good time complete with a robust finish! Words are hardly adequate to describe the afternoon we spent with Orlando Loiercio and Alisia Payne at Orlando’s Diversion Wine Room in Norfolk, VA.  Alisia’s […]

  • 3-Nose

    Ecco D’Oro Reviews Abbey Road Pub & Restaurant in Virginia Beach, VA

    Being a refined pooch who enjoys the finer things in life, I was thrilled when my family decided to take a trip to Abbey Road Pub & Restaurant in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I was very excited to see the pet friendly, cafe-style dining area. It was the perfect spot to enjoy a casual afternoon with […]